Starting the School Year Right with Fitness and Games

Starting the School Year Right with Fitness and Games

As the summer sun starts to give way to autumn’s vibrant hues, a new school year is upon us. But guess what? You can make this year an absolute hit involving a blend of fun, engaging games, and plenty of physical activity! Here are five invaluable tips to help children score big this term:

1. Play Your Favourite Sport

Whether it’s football, basketball, or tag, engaging in a child’s preferred sport at school can infuse each morning with endless enthusiasm. Sports not only boost energy levels but also prime young minds for absorbing exciting new knowledge.

2. Create New Bonds Through Games

Young players celebrate a victory at the World Schools Football Cup in sunny Spain.

Games aren’t just pastimes; they’re magical tools for forming new friendships. Whether a youngster dribbles a ball or takes part in a spirited race, they’re crafting memories and connections that’ll enrich their entire school year.

3. Exercise: Fuel for Young Brains

Did you know that playing games actually enhances thinking skills? From learning teamwork abilities to mastering strategies, handling both victory and defeat gracefully, these experiences form a positive mental workout for kids of all ages.

4. Focus on Physical Wellbeing

Active playtime, including running, jumping, and fun-filled games, contributes to a young pupil’s overall physical health. Strengthened bones, flexible muscles, and heightened energy levels are just a few benefits they’ll gain.

5. Fill Classrooms with Fun

Equip young people with more than just shiny shoes and glittering notebooks. Encourage them to carry a basket of fun through sports and active play, transforming their school days into an adventure beaming with joy, learning, and friendships that last forever.

It’s now time to gear up for a school year bursting with courage and sporty enthusiasm! Remember, these tips can pave the way for an unforgettable year of growth and teamwork.


It was all cheers in girls’ hoops at the World School Basketball Championships last year!

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