As parents and sports directors, we all want the best for our young athletes. We want them to excel in their chosen sport, but often, the journey to finding that perfect fit can be challenging. The solution to this difficult question lies in encouraging children to play a variety of sport. In this article, we'll dive into why exposing young athletes to different sports is crucial for them to discover their true sporting passion. 1. Developing Well-rounded Skills When children engage in a multiple sports, they have the opportunity to develop a broad range of physical and mental skills. For example, football enhances their agility and teamwork, while tennis improves their hand-eye coordination and focus. A diverse sport background provides them with adaptable skill set that can be used in any sport they ultimately choose. 2. Preventing Burnout Specialising in a single sport at a young age can lead to burnout and overuse injuries.

If you're looking to be an awesome coach for young athletes, you're in the right place. Being a youth mentor can be extremely rewarding; you're shaping the future champions of the world! So, let's now dive into some fantastic tips on how to be a top-notch coach for your rising stars. 1. Be Their Hero, Not Their Villain Kids need heroes, not villains. Always be encouraging and supportive. Offer high-fives and pats on the back when they do well and encouragement when they are disappointed. Remember, even pro superstars have tough days, so be there to lift their spirits. 2. Make It a Fun Adventure Sports are like thrilling adventures, not boring chores. Plan fun and exciting activities that are both beneficial and enjoyable - make them want to come back for more. Remember, happy athletes are more likely to succeed! 3. Practice, Practice, Practice Even world-class athletes like Messi or Serena Williams have to continually

As the summer sun starts to give way to autumn's vibrant hues, a new school year is upon us. But guess what? You can make this year an absolute hit involving a blend of fun, engaging games, and plenty of physical activity! Here are five invaluable tips to help children score big this term: 1. Play Your Favourite Sport Whether it's football, basketball, or tag, engaging in a child's preferred sport at school can infuse each morning with endless enthusiasm. Sports not only boost energy levels but also prime young minds for absorbing exciting new knowledge. 2. Create New Bonds Through Games Young players celebrate a victory at the World Schools Football Cup in sunny Spain. Games aren't just pastimes; they're magical tools for forming new friendships. Whether a youngster dribbles a ball or takes part in a spirited race, they're crafting memories and connections that'll enrich their entire school year. 3. Exercise: Fuel for

After an exciting FIFA Women's World Cup we take a look into how girls can jump into the exciting world of youth sports. Whether they're into athletics, scoring goals, or hitting the court, there's a fantastic adventure waiting for them. Let's dive into some advice that will help them become a real champion! Discover a New Passion Think about the activities that make each youngster feel happiest. Is it the thrill of racing? Or maybe the joy of dribbling a basketball? Exploring different sports will help girls find the one that makes their heart dance with excitement. Young ladies from Hillcrest International Schools in Kenya get ready to take the court at the World Schools Netball Cup at Loughborough University. Team Up and Triumph Guess what's even more fun than playing sports for children? Playing with friends! Have your them grab their besties and create a dream team of incredible girls. Together, they will tackle

Being a sports parent for your young athlete is an exciting journey that can make a big difference in their childhood. With these tips, you'll be ready to provide the best support and encouragement as your child explores the world of youth sports. Spread the love Cheers and unwavering support from the sidelines can work wonders for your athlete's confidence. Whether they score the winning goal or face a tough challenge, knowing you're there for them means the world to a child. So, don't hold back – let your enthusiasm shine! Power-Up Pep Talks A little encouragement goes a long way. Before the game, share some uplifting words that pump up confidence and belief in your youngster. Remind them of their strengths and that you're proud of their efforts, win or lose. These pre-game pep talks are like magical boosts of positivity! Snack Superheroes Fuel your athlete's active lifestyle with key nutritious snacks. Think

Travelling through sporting experiences can be a great learning opportunity for children, as they gain important life skills no matter if it's England, Spain, the UAE or anywhere in the world! Combining the thrill of exploring new places with the joys of sportsmanship, this unique blend presents many benefits that leave a lasting impact on young minds. Here are the top five reasons why sport travelling journeys grow children: 1. Cultural Understanding and Diversity Sports travelling opportunities allow children to go beyond geographical borders, introducing them to diverse cultures, traditions and languages. Participating in sports competitions with international children promotes cross-cultural understanding, breaking down barriers and building connections. As youngsters explore various sporting practices worldwide, they develop an appreciation for different view points, expanding their horizons and improve their cultural awareness. Pupils from across the globe enjoyed their time at the exciting World School Games Dubai. Learn more about this multi-sport tournament by clicking here.

Netballers from across the globe exceeded expectations in last week’s World Schools Netball Cup 2023, with a strong showing on the court. Hillcrest International School, Kenya taking to the court at The World Schools Netball Cup 2023. Over 30 schools, six countries and three continents including Asia and Africa were represented at this years event as teams descended on the English Midlands for the three-day international competition hosted at the prestigious Loughborough University. The university, regarded as one of the top sporting & educational institutes in the world, is home to many young aspiring and elite level athletes who strive to compete on the Olympic and World stage as well as professional clubs such as recently crowned Netball Super League champions Loughborough Lightning. Before the action got underway, athletes also had the opportunity to refine their skills on Thursday afternoon and gather any final tips or advice before the competition as they were put

Young swimmers went above expectations in last week’s World School Swim Championships in London, with many leaving with performances they can be immensely proud of. Schools from around the globe took part in the two-day swimming competition on the international stage at the state-of-the art London Aquatics Centre. 35 schools from 11 countries (including three continents) made the trip to the home of the 2012 London Olympics at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Before the fun began in the pool, a special guest joined the students last Friday to provide a motivational story of her successful swimming career. Former Team GB breaststroke competitor and two-time Olympian Molly Renshaw spoke with the young swimmers about her experiences as a young athlete on the world stage. At the age of just 14 Molly made her debut at the World Championships - with many students of a similar age in the room her knowledge and tips were

It’s almost here! The World School Swim Championships 2023 are set to take place this weekend at the London Aquatic Centre! Schools from around the globe will make the adventurous trek to historical England to make a splash in a variety of swimming events. There will be no shortage of countries represented at the games, as over 30 schools from more than 10 different countries will be taking part in this weekend's events. The highly anticipated opening ceremony kicks off the swim festivities this Friday with a special guest. It's then time on Saturday and Sunday for pupils to dip in the same pool Olympians from the London Olympics 2012 swam in.  We are proud to partner with Gulf Youth Sport (GYS) for this year's games. The media organisation will be following Middle East schools throughout the entertaining weekend of sport by taking pictures throughout the event. You can view all the latest pictures

Young stars went above expectations in last week’s U13 & U15 World School Games 2023 in Dubai, with many leaving as proud winners. Schools from around the globe were ready to compete in sport on the international stage. Furthermore, eight schools from around the world, including teams from the following nations: England, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kazakhstan, played hard against one another in the global event. Each school competed in the entertaining three-day event that consisted of swimming, football, and athletics matchups in the U13 & U15 age categories. Additionally, every team looked to gain points from each sport to contribute to the overall U13 & U15 World School Games table points, respectively. Well done to all participating athletes and schools in last week’s action! Check out the aftermovie and roll of honour lists below:  U13 Roll of Honour: SchoolOverall PointsDIA260JESS Dubai250Safa Community School200GEMS WSO170ACS Cobham160AIS Riyadh105South View95German International70Brookes Moscow40 U15 Roll of Honour: SchoolPointsJESS Dubai240DIA200Safa Community School170AIS