January 2023

International athletes exceeded expectations in last week’s U11 World School Games 2023 in Dubai, with many leaving as global champions. Schools from around the globe were ready for the international challenge to display their talents on the big stage. Furthermore, 15 schools around the world, including teams from the UAE, Russia and Greece, competed against one another in sports. Each school competed in a three-day event which comprised competing in swimming, football, and athletics in development or performance categories. The development table being for athletes newer to the respect sport, as the performance competition for more experienced athletes in the particular game. Further, each team look to take points from each sporting event to contribute to overall World School Games table points. After many success stories happening over the weekend, it's hard to choose the best moments. However, here are a few moments that stood out in the recent three-day event. On day two spectators were able to

It's been a remarkable start for international schools showcasing their talents on the global stage in the U11 World School Games. Students across the globe are having quite the eventual time in Dubai for entertaining The World School Games 2023. Day one of the games consisted of an incredible opportunity for pupils, as it allowed youngsters to test their athletic capabilities through track and field events. Throwing past his competition at the Dubai Sports Complex, Federico of Dubai International Academy went the distance by have a strong performance at the javelin field event. We caught up with him to asked how he feels about playing in the worldwide experience. "I think it's going well, honestly having all these schools here is amazing, from all around the word, it's just an amazing event…training, getting jerseys with your names, all the preparation we've been through this week, through this month, through two months, has been spectacular.

Recently schools across the globe were filled with joy as they experience many exciting opportunities at the WSG Dubai opening festivities. Now as the final minutes ticked down to the start of The World School Games 2023 this week in Dubai, a pre-event media event was in store for participating schools. Over half-dozen international schools spanning three countries would be attending in the highly talked about media session. To tip off the experience, pupils, parents, and coaches gathered to watch highlights from last year's successful World School Games. Now as the excitement grew, it was time for youngsters to take a speech in a press conference-style interview. Leading to big questions to be answered in the interview. Furthermore, questions asked included their feelings about going against fellow international schools, and who has inspired them to play on the global stage. Flashes began as teams gathered for a selfie around the golden

Due to unfortunate weather circumstances, the U11 World School Games 2023 will now have a rain schedule in place. Athletics events will now be played this Friday and Saturday, 27th and 28th January, respectively. Swimming races will still take place as intended this Friday. While the football tournament remains to partake on Saturday. We at The World School Games appreciate your understanding and patience through this ongoing matter. Further, will continue to provide any itinerary updates for this week's youth sport action. Please see the complete rain schedule below: DateTimeEventLocationWednesday, 25th January14:00Travelling teams check inAthlete hotelFriday, 27th January07:00Buses depart for Hamdan Sports ComplexHotel receptionFriday, 27th January07:45Teams arrive at Hamdan Sports ComplexHamdan Sports ComplexFriday, 27th January08:00SWIM | Warm ups beginHamdan Sports ComplexFriday, 27th January09:00SWIM | Heats beginHamdan Sports ComplexFriday, 27th January11:00SWIM | Finals beginHamdan Sports ComplexFriday, 27th January12:00Teams depart for ISD Dubai Sports CityHamdan Sports ComplexFriday, 27th January13:00ATHLETICS | Field events beginISD Dubai

It's that time of year again, The World School Games returns to fabulous Dubai this Thursday as schools across the globe look to display their talents in 2023. Schools from Greece, Russia and the United Arab Emirates will travel to luxurious Dubai for an exciting week of U11 sport in athletics, swimming, and football. Youngsters will feel what it's like to be in the spotlight by attending a pre-media session on Tuesday, 24th January. During this media experience pupils will be interviewed about how they feel competing on the global stage to having their pictures taken with the official trophy of the games. The local media group, Gulf Youth Sport will host the event and provide further coverage of the young athletes and their schools during the games. You can stay up to date with Gulf Youth Sport's media coverage of the World School Games by clicking here. The highly anticipated opening ceremony